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Having adopted the vision of modernizing the tradition to the present, Algedra Group was founded to lead the industry. Algedra operates in interior design, fitout, landscape and furnishings.

Algedra Interior Design aims to produce spatial solutions that can meet the needs of contemporary life in the rapidly changing scene of the world. We evaluates each project with its own data, with the idea that good design is made possible by an analytical and multidimensional perception. Based on a functional and rational approach, We enable the combination of the whole of different scales and their parts in a common and unique design language.

Algedra, which mainly specializes in commercial designs, residential projects, hospitality buildings and living spaces, operates in a wide range of areas from urban projects to villas, palaces design. Thanks to the materials and technologies we use, we aim to overcome existing or potential problems with correct solutions. In this process, Algedra responds to complex programs with the professional associations we create.

Algedra Group, which analyzes large-scale design, project design and application services in integrity, has been working on creative, research-oriented application experiences that will meet the needs of the era since our establishment. With our versatile experience from mass housing to commercial buildings, large-scale urban design projects to islamic buildings, we carry out more than 50 different projects a year.

Algedra Group believes that a qualified production is possible thanks to an interactive dialogue with the clients as well as the continuity of the process. We adopt this approach as the most important means of providing a quality space experience to the user. At Algedra, we aim to bring a new breath to the architectural and interior design environment with our energy, turns many layers of the design action from concept design to project management into reality for you.

Having adopted the principle of producing elegant and functional structures with high standards and high aesthetic values ​​that can meet the needs of today and tomorrow, Algedra Group directs its designs and projects with the awareness of creating sustainable spaces that live with people and can change according to their needs when necessary.

We are a leading and creative interior design company in the Middle East, ALGEDRA Group of companies operates in different countries; UAE, Turkey, Qatar, United Kingdom, United States. Company’s headquarter is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We guarantee clients satisfaction across the region with our innovative designs and original ideas by creating a perfect combination of the modern and classic ingredients.

We are specialized in providing excellent interior and exterior design services that include creative space planning, designing a villa, palaces, hospitality services and office designs including project management for both residential and commercial projects across the globe.

Our designs include the combination of Eastern and Western culture, Greek’s architectural art, Italian style, and British innovation.

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