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Algedra Day Party at Billionaire Mansion, Taj Hotel

Algedra Interior Design is well known for providing the top-notch quality services for their clients providing the utmost satisfaction in all the design aspects. For years Algedra has proven to give the best of the best and each year we keep continuing to get even more better and superior.

But all of the success was not possible without the magnificent Algedra Team who have been working with full dedication showcasing their creativity helping in achieving targets on time hence providing the client satisfaction by giving the top-quality outcome for which Algedra stands out as the best from others.

Algedra Team is not just based in Dubai but our team in Turkey have also shown the true dedication and with their team workforce merging with ours, we have crossed all the barriers in providing the best services and proved the dominance of Algedra in the world of Interior Design

Therefore, the management team decided to officially have Algedra day every year in order to express the appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work and support that the team has shown for the past year.

Algedra team day is now celebrated every 1st of November every year while 2nd of November is officially given a day off.

So this year the team and their loved ones were invited to Billionaire Mansion in Taj hotel for a delicious dinner and everyone showed up with a jolly fresh face looking forward to the night. The night was amazing filled up by many people and finally getting to know each other out of the work zone and realizing how amazing each and every one of them is.

There were dance performances, magic shows which enlighten the delicious dinner even more. There were laughs all around, a scenery of joy depicting the Algedra team who are blessed and feel lucky to be a part of Algedra and how they cherish each moment, whether inside or outside the office.

We will continue being the best of the best and we don’t work under pressure, we simply love to work here because Algedra is just not a company, but a home for everyone working and for our valuable clients.