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Abu Dhabi Property Market 2015

ALGEDRA Interior Design recently participated in Abu Dhabi Property Market exhibition which was held from the 13th to the 16th of May 2015 at Dalma Mall. This exhibition attracted thousands of serious buyers looking for houses flats, villas, offices & shops.

Eng. Tareq Skaik - Head of Design at ALGEDRA mentioned the importance of this show. He said that such events are best for the promotion of great ideas and people can share their experiments which help us all in developing good relations for the future.

ALGEDRA presented a great stand showing all kinds of styles in interior. They included luxury, modern, and classic styles. Eng. Tareq Skaik portrayed ALGEDRA’s image to its great extent and said that the multi-cultured team always comes up with great ideas and hence is the reason of our success. All kinds of designs and ideas were showcased in the show in order to increase the customers’ knowledge and interest in ALGEDRA.

His focus was on luxury and comfort. According to him everyone wishes for a peaceful luxurious living place that can lead to a happy life. As this exhibition was the best opportunity to show how creative one can be, present big projects for sale, and meet many new people of the same profession and different cultures, it brought a real good experience for ALGEDRA.

The main objective of ALGEDRA to participate in Abu Dhabi Property Market was to promote their work and benefit the team in terms of being exposed to a multi-cultured environment, and  meeting the potential customers to know their views about their product and services. It also helped in exploring the latest market trends, knowledge of satisfying the needs and requirements of customers, and a significant increase in sale. The participation of ALGEDRA in this event was a big achievement for the company.