Decor Makers


Home furniture is always full of small improvements and detailed décor. The new home, especially for the women who are planning to get married soon, is not only a place to live in but also plays an important role in bringing comfort, peace, and relaxation. It simply completes her life.

Engineer Tariq Skaik who is the Head of Design in ALGEDRA Group mentions that we are providing interior design services of high quality, including spaces and designs of different styles of these women.

Hiring decor and interior design at the initial stage i.e. before getting married and moving into a new house is always the best because it ensures that you get the desired results.

This is where the couple plans together to make their home a place of peace and stability. When you take the Interior designing decision, both the partners must engage in this process so that the home becomes a mixture of both husband’s and wife’s choice.

The bedroom needs special attention, where every detail can make a big difference. This room should be in harmony and details and must be calm. Here, the designer specifically should oversee both spouses on the selection and implementation process. The colors should be the couple favorite colors, even if they are differences. They can reach a designer for the solution who will present the full experience in this subject.

Approval on all other details as the type and size of pillows and colors of curtains and blankets is a must.

You must add a touch of femininity to the bedroom, such as using candles or romantic frames with pictures and flowers. This adds beauty and details to the room.

Identifying desires in terms of color and design is a very important part in the decision. All the details must be explained to the designer so that furnishing is done accordingly.

Color consistency at home leaves the impression visually comfortable and sends tranquility or activity. But it should be carefully checked that what colors are used in each of the rooms of the house and what fits her personality primarily otherwise they will find themselves in a place not very comfortable.

You can use personal photos or paintings on the walls of the living room and should be according to the furniture chosen by the bride.

You must set the volumes with sufficient care so as not to affect the landscape of the home décor.