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Mr. Mohab Ayoubs interview at the innovation week event

Here at Algedra we are always concerned about innovation and development, which falls into two collaborated categories one is to develop the academic and experiential abilities of Algedra’s members, while the other one deals with the technical administrative levels of communicating and managing.

From this point of view, without a doubt, we see tons of potentials and abilities in each member in our organization that’s why we seek to invest and elevate those potentials through this week of innovation on the new system we ignited recently in Algedra’s communication platform.

This new system is so easy to handle, helping all the staff members and managers to run their daily tasks with a better capacity for the sake of lifting Algedra group up into a new level of evolution in general.

Agledra started, as well known, simple in one city of Dubai and today we are spreading all around the globe by the graces of Allah, and with all the massive hard work everyone has been putting into all those past years.

Every success of a company has a story, and the guide lines to that story lies in seeking out continuous innovation and development on all levels, combining that with the experience and abilities of staff members and applying it on a well analyzed market and economies helps that company to reach universal state of expansion.

Here we are across the globe, with offices in New York, London, Istanbul, Dubai, Jeddah and more to come.

And as we always do, we are everywhere to show true beauty and elegance with what we create in the world of Décor and interior design.